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Mineral Exfoliating Wash ($80)-deep cleansing gel for oily/acne/problem/sensitive skin types-Acne, blemished, and rosacea skin types will be calmed and gently cleansed wit ichitol, a natural mineral from the earth.  Lavender oil assists in stimulating the healing process by increasing micro circulation: results are instant and lasting. 
Due to a high concentration of minerals, this cleanser has a mild earthly scent that dissipates upon rinsing.


Rosehip Exfoliator ($72)-gentle exfoliating masque for sensitive/oily/oily/seborrhea/rosacea and all skin types-Gentle exfoliation begins with the maize flower to cleanse pores and to remove impurities.  Rosehip extract delivers high quantities of antioxidant vitamin C, honey hydrates, and zinc oxide calms.  Irritated skin is calmed and glows with newfound clarity and brightness. 


Rosehip Serum ($98)-anti-irritant for sensitive/rosacea and all skin types-Brimming with healing herbs, this serum immediately reduces inflamed and irritated areas with rosehip and lavender while St. John's Wort calms and imparts antioxidant properties.  The complexion is comforted, smooth and calm and immunity against free radicals is increased to reduce the signs of aging.  Helps to halt and stabilize the visible signs of rosacea with daily use after 3-4 weeks.

Phytolift Serum ($99)-lifting and regulating serum for breakouts and hormonally -imbalanced skin types-A powerhouse of organic phyto-estrogens work to lift facial contours and treat the signs of aging due to menopause, breakouts, hormonal imbalances and collagen loss.  Concentrated whole plant Yucca extract, Vitex Angus Castus, Algae and Flax Seed absorb deep into the dermis  to tighten and brighten problems areas, and plump up loss of skin tone.  Perfect for those look for an organic solution to their skin care needs!  

Herbal Infusion Serum ($99)-serum for oily/acne prone skin-Helps to soothe and calms acne while helping to heal and repair.  Reduces redness, swelling, and evens skin tone imparting a healthy complexion with regular use.  Active herbs, including horsetail and fennel, do the job.  Can be used as a spot treatment by applying to breakout area(s) 2-5 times per day.  Clear skin can be yours with continued use.  
 Brightening Serum ($99)-high potency hydration and lightening-An intense protective hydrator to relieve hydrator to relieve the signs of aging and pigmentation.  Stone crop is an ancient succulent plant used to sooth skin irritations.  In modern times we also enjoy the super antioxidant benefits and lightening effects of this  nutritious nectar.  Achieve smooth, hydrated and repaired skin that looks years younger with the first application.
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